Just saw this in my email so thought I would put a quick post up.  Enjoy!   It’s Jouni, from Tuokio – Finnish multiplayer games dev: King of Opera, Raiding Co, BvB Racing for iOS. Tip from Tuokio to you: All Tuokio games are FREE NOW on the Apple AppStore until end of the day… Read More

As you can tell from the video, SimCity 2013 is going to be nuts!  From the Press conference this SimCity is going to be deeper and more person then previous version. Imagine mixing SimCity with some aspects of ‘the Sims’ and you got the new SimCity.  BTW, dont call it SimCity 5.  Not sure why… Read More

These have been popping up all over Reddit and other places in the last 2 weeks.  Pretty cool really. Odds are there will be plenty more showing up in the coming weeks as people make, oh say, Star Wars drinking games, or LOL cats board games, etc… Most of the images are pretty good quality… Read More

Charting unknown territory is definitely nothing new for the Danes. Danish companies such as Vestas, Lego, and Unity3D are conquering their industries in a way that would make their viking ancestors proud. Now entering this group is Playingmondo, a platform for creating and interacting with location based experiences. For those not familiar with location-based services,… Read More

There are few Tamagotchi apps out there, but this is the first one I’ve seen that looks and feels like the original.  All the way to the grey bit graphics. The app is called Hatchi and from what I can tell, its going to be almost exactly like the original, and just as time consuming.:)  As… Read More

According to this article by Digital Trends, Capcom USA, publisher of franchises such as Resident Evil, Ookami, and Street Fighter, has confirmed (albeit in a roundabout manner) that they support SOPA. Capcom is a member of the Entertainment Software Association which has openly expressed its support of the bill and “appears on the House Judiciary… Read More

Artem Kotov released version 1.0 of their new game Defense Zone for the Apple iTunes App store on December 19. While not without some minor flaws, this tower defense game puts its mark down as one of the stronger games you can purchase for your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch today. While I’m not a huge… Read More

UnstoppableGorg is not out yet, but they did release a preview video. I like this. I like the variation of being able to move defensive weapons around, even if its just orbit. I also have to give them an upvote for the fun B movie horror flick theme. Fun. Unstoppable Gorg is a lovingly crafted… Read More

I normally do not write about games I have not played, but this one is on my list of games to check out.  And before I even have a chance to play it, a (major?) bug has been discovered that if you hit it, will not only crash the Zelda game but will corrupt your… Read More

Sony introduced their 3D gaming and TV monitor.  Its 24inch with 2 HDMI inputs that supports 3D.  But that’s not whats cool about this.  Sony introduced a technology called “SimulView”.  This technology allows two players to have full screen view at the same time!  This is pretty cool and most likely not that hard to… Read More

Wow, if you have not seen this video preview of Battlefield4, then you are missing out! Take a look at those shadows!  Lets see your xbox do ground deformation like this!  And avatar rendering.  TELL me this does not look like real life. Hyper realistic, you can shoot while being dragged as well as dragging… Read More

Here are a collection of tips and tricks you can use to make Civilization Revolution easier to play and win at.  Keep in mind there are not cheats for Civilization Revolution. I have looked..  None.  Enjoy!  I’ll update and add images later. When you first start, explore fast and always attack barbarians if you find… Read More

The first AndroidTM version of Klaus Teuber’s famous board game is available now. Several Catanians will prove themselves worthy opponents: pirate Jean, with her no prisoners attitude; Sean the ruthless knight or Vincent the merchant, who’ll never be short-changed. True to the original game, up to four players can compete for the most settlements, the… Read More

I am not a fan of the Golden Arches, but I do have to give McDonald’s props for creating Pick ‘n Play. Pick ‘n Play is a Pong arcade game for the iPhone that allows visitors to Stockholm, Sweden to compete against a computer for coupons for McDonald’s menu items. Players connect to the billboard… Read More

Still recovering from an augmented reality that happened last week. The video footage below shows elements from the Augmented Reality Event (ARE) 2011 in Santa Clara, CA on May 17-18. This was the 2nd annual event of the largest conference dedicated to the business of augmented reality. Start-ups, developers, mobile and hardware companies along with… Read More

I mostly play SimCity deluxe on the iPad now, but these tips apply for all SimCity games in general. BTW, I have not tried this for Android, but it should work. Put your powerplant in a far corner of the board. If you have a river near the centre of your world, build near it. … Read More