Well, maybe not.  But still, its kinda of nice to see a company you have watched from the inception get into the big game. The Unity Web Player is now certified to be used by the US Army and AirForce.   This basically means that the US Government can now be a customer for your models and  Apps.  Nice!

Here is more information from Unities press release.

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity development platform for games and interactive 3D on the web, iOS, Android, and consoles, today announced that Unity 3.x and the Unity Web Player have been certified by the US Army and Air Force to be installed on their secure networks.

Today’s announcement means that Unity can be used to create and deploy task management trainers, virtual worlds, situational awareness trainers, cultural awareness trainers, medical trainers and various other serious game applications for the US Army and Air Force.

In addition, through the Unity Web Player, graphically rich 3D training applications created with Unity can be accessed on secure networks entirely through a web browser without the need for local installation of a .exe file. Tens of thousands of Active Duty and Deployed personnel in the US Army and Air Force can now use Unity-based training applications. Because of Unity’s ability to run on mobile devices, Unity authored content can reach personnel in the field even when they don’t have access to a laptop or PC.

“Getting our Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) and being placed on the US Air Force AF E/APL are big steps forward for us in government Modeling Training and Simulation licensing,” said Davey Jackson, Director of Simulation and Visualization Sales at Unity Technologies. “What is significant about this certification is that we received accreditation for the Unity Web Player in addition to the Unity development platform. This will have a huge impact on the rate at which distributed simulations can be developed and deployed.”

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