It was only a matter of time.  I go to a fair number of events, not as many as others, but enough.  And every now and again I will put on a name tag.  Since I do not go to that many and I do not always put a paper name tag on, I sometimes forget to take the bloody thing off.  Well, it finally happened. Wearing a white shirt I had a white paper name tag, and threw it in the wash.  Ug.

For those of you that have not has this fun experience, aside from having to find little bits of paper on your clothes, there is a really sticky adhesive that is fused onto your shirt.

I tried pealing it, no good.  Then using a finger nail, only get small bits at a time.  So how do you remove name tag adhesive from your shirt even AFTER the washer and dryer?

Duct tape.  Yes, that miracle of engineering, duct tape.  When I first started looking this stuff up people were recommending store chemical items, vinegar, olive oil, and even peanut butter.  Really?  Peanut butter?  Since I still have duct tape around an air intake on my old ’93 325i from 6 years ago, I thought I would start there.  And it works.  Here is how you do it.

Take the shirt and put it on a solid surface.  In my case, I just pulled it across my leg.  Then take a  bit of duct tape and put it over the adhesive.  Make sure you really press the tape onto the shirt.  Use your finger nail and score across the top of the tape.  Next, pull the tape off VERY quickly.  This is key.  You will find that on the first try you will get 40-50% of it off.  Repeat till all of the name tag adhesive is off your shirt.  Sit back and look at the tape a say; ‘is there anything duct tape cannot do?’

.. Then never forget to take your name tag off again.

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