Welcome to PeriVision Loops, currently home of Looping The Smiths, but hopefully that will expand to other artist as well in time.

tl:dr for the last two years, just after Corona started up, I started playing guitar again, (mostly The Smiths) and then took up the hobby of ‘looping’ Looping is creating a song using a digital sampling device. Basically playing a riff or pattern, and then repeat it over and over, Then adding more and more riffs or patterns on top.

When I first started looping, I was using an Boss RC30, however over this time I ended up changing to an iPad, new guitar, new effects pedal, learning post production using a computer, and wasting lots of time trying to figure how to film this using a cell phone. All while still working, so basically finding buckets of time here and there. However, 1.5 years later, finally ready to post some of the results.

I will update this over time but for now, consider this post a placeholder for the videos.

I recommend you open in YouTube. Also ‘Why PeriVision Loops’ is pretty long, so unless you are interested in looping, you can skip after the first part.

Video List:

  • Why PeriVision Loops: How and why for this hobby.
  • The Smiths – Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
  • The Smiths – Shoplifters of the World, Unite and Take Over
  • The Smiths – Last night I Dreamt
This is the How and Why I started this hobby in the first place. I go through what I’m trying to do, walk through my current setup, how I did some songs as examples, and finally post production. How I try to improve the sound. (this video was recently update)

This is the first video. Its ok, but I may redo it. I also want to figure out how to bass as I’m playing. Future effort.

This is my favorite so far. Really happy with the sound. My only regret is I figure out how to get a good sound out of my holo-body guitar AFTER this was done. Oh well.

This is my second song. I was still learning how to do these, and really did not get the sound I wanted. After this was done, I was planning on creating another version, but I wanted a dark 1950s tube amp sound and a feeling like you are hearing this in some dank pup somewhere where smoking is not allowed but happens anyway. Go figure, I recently found a version of this sound that pretty much hits what I was after.

Check it out: https://youtu.be/hp-Ic3wZrGM

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