I got the Ray-Ban Facebook ‘AR’ smart glasses over the weekend. So first off, they are not AR. However, I fully understand when Mark pitches these are a step in that direction. And fair enough, building a system to allow wireless media communications from the glasses to a phone, and setting up a publishing platform on FB is a step. Unfortunately, when you mention AR, people go nuts and as expected, back-lash from people getting all hot and heaving pointing out this is NOT AR.


So the Good. They look good. This is extremely important. As I have stated quite a few times in my past posts, anything that you put on your head must look good. Cannot get around this. And they do. The Image capture quality is very good as well. I took a picture in low light and the image was corrected once it got to the app on my phone. Nice.

Call quality was good as well. Not great, but very good. The person I was talking to on the other end could not tell the difference between this and normal headphones. I took a few calls on it and really liked it. In fact, I like it more then putting in and taking out ear buds if for no other reason then its easier.

The Bad. Sound quality for other the voice calls was NOT so good. Perhaps this is not intended for listening to music. I tried two tracks, a chillhop where I listen for clarity, and something a bit more bass heavy. The chillhop middles and highs were ok, but really could not feel the bottom. When I hit the bass heavy track, not only was there no bottom, it started to get noisy as I tried to turn it up. This was a BIG disappointment given how great the Bose Glasses sound.

So this is a bit of a short review, and I may add to it later, but basically, if you are into take lots of casual photos and short videos, these are pretty good. As long as its not of yourself. 🙂 If you are into music, like I am, give it a miss.

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