foil as faraday-cageSigh.  More proof mean people suck.  So here is the story.  Thieves are using signal power amplifiers to extend your cars reach to your key fob.  The way it works normally is when you are a few feet from your car, the car’s remote sensing system detects its your key fob and unlocks itself.  Well if you can amplify that query signal the car is sending out, you can get the car to ‘see’ you key fob up to 100′ away.  Perhaps more.  So if you keep your keys in your house within 100′ of the car, the thief just needs to walk up to your car, turn on the amp and try the door.  if the door opens they jump in, start the car and off they go.   Great.

So what you can do.  For now you can the key fob in your freezer, your freezer is a Faraday cage that will block signals. The longer term solution is to go online and order anti-static bags.  They work pretty well. Else just get a box and wrap the outside, or inside with aluminum foil. Remember to test because depending on the thickness of the aluminum foil, you man need to put in two layers.  The thickness of the foil has a frequency range that it blocks.

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