If you have been following the news coming out of CES its basically tablets and 3D monitors/TV’s.  Heck, saw a few 3D phones.  However, there was one 3D phone that really impressed me because it was an IPHONE!  Yes, view 3d content on the iphone. (Video at the end of the post).  The app is called pic-3d and basically, as far as I can tell, the application will take the side by side 2D and convert it to 3D and well as support (or convert) YouTube’s 3D format and redisplay the content such that you can get the illusion of depth using a thin piece of film called a lenticular lens.  Seems it was pretty simple.  Its not mind blowing 3D, but given that all I had to do was place a filter on my normal iphone, the stereoscopic effect was impressive!  And its only $30!!

The lenticular lens is non adhesive but comes with an optional adhesive, meaning you need to figure out some other way to hold the film in place if you do not want to make it permanent.   I however, do not want it permanently attached.  I cannot imagine I’m going to be viewing 3D video and games all the time, so being able to take the overlay on and off easily will be highly desirable.

At the booth, I only saw video but its not hard to image that you can do great 3D gaming with this solution as well.  They are going to release an SKD this summer, so I can see some indie developers jumping on this to be one of the first to have 3D gaming on the iphone or ipad.  Beta tester please!

Now the bad news.  Its not available in the US yet.  I’m going to order one from Japan and try to play with it as soon as I can.  There is no word as to when they can find a US partner to import the filter, but one would think that should be pretty easy. Its just a thin sheet a material after all.  The software to convert the video is Free.

But, back to the good news.  Its not just for the iphone!   This will also work on PC’s as well. (Nothing about Macs) so if you order the correct size for your screen, you can download their windows app and get the same performance.

Now before you go out and order one, keep in mind they do not accept refunds or exchanges.  Basically, if you mess up and get the incorrect size, you are on your own.  However, I watched it working myself and for $30, was convinced.

Now Check the Vid..

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