This adventure never ends and the odds of me getting a touchpad for $99 is slipping to nill.  I posted a bit ago that I was able to order a machine though Barnes & Noble.  Well I just got an email cancelling the order:

Due to unexpected customer demand for this item, our inventory was depleted prior to your order being processed so we are unable to fulfill this item as requested. Consequently, we have canceled your order and you will not be billed for this amount.

Great.  If I would have known this, I could have tried to hit one of the brick and mortar stores to get one, but I’m sure by now they are all gone.  Some more are suppose to be released this week, but again, I expect those with more flexible time then me will scoop them all.  Man.. Even when they cut the prices, things just do not work out for HP/Palm.  Rumor that more will be in stores tomorrow (wed).  I’ll give it one more try then.

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