So we all heard about HP giving up the ghost on their webOS hardware unit.  I was expected that there would be a sale to get rid of these units.  But $99??  Wow, I’m sure that is pretty far below cost!  Right now its live in Canada, but first chance in show up in the US at Best Buy, I’m going to order one.  Why?

Sure, its a bit bulkier then the ipad and not quite as slick, but it does run the basic apps AND it has a web browser.  That is the key here.  For $99 I can by a basic web browsing tablet.  Done!

And why not, since they are having a fire sale on HP stocks, may as well have one on the TouchPad.

{UDPATE}  Seems BestBuy sent them all back.  You cannot buy them from the Stores.  I went to and they list it, at 99, but its out of stock!  REALLY hoping this is just for now till all the unites come back.  I’ll be watching!!

{UPDATE 2}  Seems Best Buy changed it mind and WILL sell whatever they have in stock.  Arrgg..  No way I could get to a store with such short notice.  I will trying tomorrow, but I have a feeling there will be a rush on the brick stores and stock will clear out tomorrow if not cleared out already.


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