So we all heard about HP giving up the ghost on their webOS hardware unit.  I was expected that there would be a sale to get rid of these units.  But $99??  Wow, I’m sure that is pretty far below cost!  Right now its live in Canada, but first chance in show up in the… Read More

I will do more follow up on this later tonight, but I wanted to get this posted. From Penn-Olson India’s much-hyped $35 ‘Sakshat’ tablet appears all set to go on sale at the end of this month, after experiencing a delay earlier this year. Originally intended to be a $10 tablet, there are still very… Read More

Actually, I’m not even sure I should call it an Alpha.  The folks at Adobe basically hacked together this device to run android so that they can show Air displaying a magazine.  Now.. WHY would someone take a CLEARLY hacked device to a show?  Perhaps because they are so pissed at Apple they were willing… Read More