We have the first look at the HP TouchPad running WebOS and from what I heard (no I was not there) it’s great! Snappy! Well designed! Great Multitasking! Works seamlessly with the new Pre 3 and other WebOS phones! … I dont care.

We not ‘ME’; I’m actually dieing to get my hands on one and play with it. I really liked the WebOS when I first started playing with it when the Pre came out (did not care for the phone), but instead I think most of the public does not care. When HP first bought Palm, then dropped their first slate, I had a feeling they were looking towards a slate / pad / tablet and here its is. Its Grrreatt!!

And I dont care..

But wait, you can select multiple email messages to delete all of them at one time with gestures as well as make your virtual keyboard larger or smaller.. I dont care.. Its supports flash in the web page AND

multitasking. I dont care… It can run your desktop, Mac and linux box all from the comfort of your sofa. I dont care.. It can support all 4 major cell networks and 2 more for 5G and 6G international that does not even exist yet! I dont care.. You can place it on your cat and by generating a static electric field, will remove all the hair and dandruff and install a language translator so you can talk to your cat. I dont care.. Sounding familiar? If you have not figured this out yet check the Video at the end of this post.

So what is my point here? The next time someone says this is a iPad killer, my brain will explode with the temptation to shove a hot poker in their face. As cool as this slate is; I think its a little late. The iPad owns the mindset of the general public and everyone else is fighting over the margins. And you think Microsoft is not going to come out with a tablet of some sort? Dont be silly. Given Apples lead, and the inroads made by Android, AND the fact more programmers write for Apple or Android, I think the WebOS is going to have an uphill battle to get people to write for it. And Apps is what people want, not cool features and functions that are not ground breaking. When the day comes that we have a write once deploy everywhere arch like Java and Flash tried to give us (think HTML5 containers), THEN we have another story, but that day is still far away.

I know its old now, but have another look at this video and the following one. I think it make a really good point. People dont care how cool a technology is (unless its ground breaking) they only care what they can do with it, and has it been proved out by their friends and/or network.

Ok check out the post iPhone and HTC Android fan boys do battle via salesman cartoons.

And here is the NSFW Video..

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