From Reddit of course:

From Reddit of course:

All this talk about self driving cars causing accidents, very little about how they avoid them and save lives.  So here is the first video clip of a real world situation where a Tesla avoided an accident by stopping way faster than I could have.  Also note, its wet.  So if a human was driving, there would be a possibly that the human would swerve the car as well, potentially causing another accident. (click the thumbnail to start the gifv.)

ALSO, the car was smart enough not to follow the idiot driver and ‘teach them a lesson’.  Which does bring me to one concern.  How long will it be until someone decide to hack their car to do just that?  Say someone cuts you off; the car can use object recognition to track and follow the other car and then bump them off the road.

Right now, our autonomous cars do not have a voice, but I already know what to expect having grown up with Eddie Murphy comedy.


Eddie Murphy talking car. ( warning NSFW)!!!

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