We have the first look at the HP TouchPad running WebOS and from what I heard (no I was not there) it’s great! Snappy! Well designed! Great Multitasking! Works seamlessly with the new Pre 3 and other WebOS phones! … I dont care. We not ‘ME’; I’m actually dieing to get my hands on one… Read More

So today Sprint has taken the Pre out of the store. Yes you can still find them in the Verizon store, but for $50 and $30 respectively with a two year plan. Not exactly getting the big demand. And what killed the Pre? Not the OS. The WebOS is actually pretty good and HP paid BIG bucks for it thinking it could be used for tablets, or slates. The hardware was not all that great, but not that bad either. No what killed it is no one wants to write apps for it.… Read More

Got a cool iphone / Android / Palm / Windows / Apple Newton app?  Have a cool idea for an app but need a reason to get off your rear and finish it?  Well check this out.. FREE ENTRY FOR 3 DEVELOPERS As of today we just launched a Twitter competition offering waived application fees to 3 talented… Read More

Well, they finally sold. About time too.  1.2 billion.  Although HP says its because of the ‘top in class’ OS, I would say the IP’s had more to do with it. Still its done and now Palm had ended one life and begins another.  And given the stock jump, its off to a good start.… Read More

What??  WHY in world would someone buy a Palm Pre now given that the company will soon be sold, they are GIVING the bloody things away and basically (unless HTC buys and it decides to support it), its a dead OS? Well, unlike buying a window 6.5 phone (unless you hope to load android on… Read More

I have not tried sportyPal just yet (its not out for the iphone), but I will this week on my Android and update this post if anything surprises me. {UPDATE}  The iphone version is out.  Try it here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sportypal/id319351322?mt=8 Basically, it seem to be like most of the other bicycle computers for mobile phones (devices)… Read More

This is great news, and WAY faster then I expected it.  Right now, there is not a solution for real time collaboration for mobile devices, and given limitations of screen real estate , memory and CPU power, its not surprising.   The great part about flash, is how easy it is to build modules and swap… Read More

Straight from the web site!  I will update as I learn more. * I just tried one of the apps, and it works great.  And that is not surprising because is coco, but still, anytime you go from one language to another there are risks.  But so far, so good. 3 of the demo apps… Read More

It always seem to be the way with smart phones isnt it?  Just read in Gizmodo of a hack that will give you 320×480 resolution video at 30fps.  Sweeet.  And have a look at the video below.  Nice.  So what does this mean?  Well, depending on the GPS abilities of the Pre we could (perhaps)… Read More