Got a cool iphone / Android / Palm / Windows / Apple Newton app?  Have a cool idea for an app but need a reason to get off your rear and finish it?  Well check this out..

As of today we just launched a Twitter competition offering waived application fees to 3 talented developers. The jist is that you link to your app description, ping us about your entry and get your users to share the news and nominate you. The 3 developers with the highest number of unique tweets will have their entry fee waived. To view the complete rules of the competition check them out here:
With the cost of a CES presence sometimes being in the tens of thousands of dollars, we’d love to use this opportunitity to help indie developers gain exposure from this huge event. If you could pass this on to those developers you think could benefit from this, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks and let me know if you have questions.

Dana Oshiro | | | | @suzyperplexus

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