connect-ScreenThis is great news, and WAY faster then I expected it.  Right now, there is not a solution for real time collaboration for mobile devices, and given limitations of screen real estate , memory and CPU power, its not surprising.   The great part about flash, is how easy it is to build modules and swap between them. Now, not everything was included in this version, nor should it be (We are talking about a mobile device here), but the only things I really need is view of the desktop (or whatever is shared) and a means to communicate.  Right now, text seem to be the only option, while the shared view is visible, but I would love to see voice support during the presentation.  You can share voice and video as a separate  tab.  That’s not a big deal, but I can see that being annoying after awhile.

This is effort is part of the Open Screen Project adding Adobe Flash to various operating systems – including Google Android, Palm WebOS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian OS, and RIM with their Blackberry OS.

When you see the video below, you see that they have taken the same approach. I do not know who long it will take till its up and running, but I volunteer to beta test. 🙂

Watch this Tutorial Video

Remember, this is still early, so do not expect too much from the video.

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