Or not.  I actually find the bloody things annoying. Since they are not going to be banned, what the heck, download the Vuvuzela app and be hated by people here too. Want to go to a pub and get free beer?  Get this free app and blast it at the next futbal game.  People will… Read More

My how things have changed.  I just got a tweet from Andrew Stone that his app Twittelator got approved in 7 hours!!  Wow, a new record.  Well, ok, perhaps not a gold metal type new record, but that is still pretty fast. So the question is; how? Well lets think about it.  What if Apple… Read More

Now unless you have been living under a rock, or you are a rock, in which you are fully excuse from knowing about this game changer.  Google is now providing turn by turn navigation on enabled mobile devices for free.  That means any smart phone that has GPS and Interwebs connection will most likely be… Read More

As an ex-NASA guy (seems way back to me now) I had to check this out when I saw the write up on CNET. Its pretty cool!  Well designed and laid out, not trying to do too much but doing a good job with what it does do. The app give you updates on various… Read More

Oracle has a new iphone app that looks ok.  In the promotional animation, a business man is flying to Paris, France to give a presentation. Great.  Often, and I can attest to this, you have to use cash for things because your card is not always accepted. So, this application called ‘iReceipts’ seems like any… Read More

My nephew Jared turned me on to this app. DriveSafe.ly is still in Alpha and only on jailbreak at the moment.  At some point they will release it via the app store, but without backgrounder, I’m not sure how useful it is. The app is simple enough; every 5sec or 1min it checks for new… Read More

This is great news, and WAY faster then I expected it.  Right now, there is not a solution for real time collaboration for mobile devices, and given limitations of screen real estate , memory and CPU power, its not surprising.   The great part about flash, is how easy it is to build modules and swap… Read More

Just showed up today, at least I noticed it today. When you do a google search on the iphone, you now get options like on the desktop. Its not full featured, meaning we still do not have an advanced option, but still, bit by bit, google is providing a rich experience through the mobile web… Read More

This just came out today.  Its pretty fun.  You can edit a photo, crop, apply a filter, etc..  Pretty cool really. You can do the basics that you would expect: cropping, changing exposure, convert to black and white, change contrast.  There are some basic filters too; sketching, blurring, image border, I like the rainbow filter,… Read More

Straight from the web site!  I will update as I learn more. * I just tried one of the apps, and it works great.  And that is not surprising because is coco, but still, anytime you go from one language to another there are risks.  But so far, so good. 3 of the demo apps… Read More

I saw this in TC and have not seen it myself, but I will keep an eye out over the weekend.  Basically, you could have a ad for beer or a bike shop or something based on the search.  Also, it SEEMS uses can inject items into maps, but I think its more of where… Read More

I use Stitcher anytime I’m on a long drive.  Normally between SF and Sacramento. What I like about Stitcher is the number of offerings, but mostly because its the only place I can get BBC radio, short of downloading a podcast, which I will not do. So today I got a press release saying they… Read More

I like Tweetie.  I wrote an article for iphonelife on iphone twitter apps (it not out yet, but here is a short version) and of all the apps I tried, I used tweetie the most when I’m not using twittFilter. (twittFilter is a web app and my fave given that I wrote it).  So Gizmodo,… Read More

It always seem to be the way with smart phones isnt it?  Just read in Gizmodo of a hack that will give you 320×480 resolution video at 30fps.  Sweeet.  And have a look at the video below.  Nice.  So what does this mean?  Well, depending on the GPS abilities of the Pre we could (perhaps)… Read More

Just saw this on Techcrunch.  It looks pretty cool although I could not get it to work quite right.  Could be a GPS issue. Anyway, I think this is just the beginning of a flood of location / orientation away apps that are on the way.   And the fact this is using Bing is quiet… Read More

I got the email telling me FourSquare 1.4 is out.  I ran outside (because my iphone does not work in my office) updated the app, played with it, took a few screen shots, and then sat down to write about it. And then I took a quick look at the email again and techcrunch did… Read More

I’ve been thinking about writing a post on how silly is to get AT&T’s GPS driving directions app/service at 9.99 a month when you can buy a turn-by-turn apps for around $50.  That’s another post. But now I just read on AppleInsider that Loopt has an agreement with AT&T to provide constant location updates for… Read More