I’ve been waiting for this!!  Yes, as a hard core Microsoft OneNote user (remember, I’m all about tablets) I have been wishing there was a way to view my OneNote files on the iphone.  Although still in Alpha, and believe me, as a tester it’s in Alpha, we finally have it.  But wait! there’s more..… Read More

What? You never hear of Steve Martin’s ‘The Jerk? Never mind. So the new iphone facebook app is out.  You need to delete the old copy and install it anew until Apple updates its store.  It’s not overwhelmingly great or anything, but its IS better. ‘Couse, everyone is trying out the new app so you… Read More

I just wrote about the first iphone AR app to show up, and now here is ANOTHER Android AR app.  This gives you traffic cams for Toronto. Not sure if there is one for San Francisco, but I’ll look into it. Im not sure how useful this app is, but its clear we are about… Read More

Yup, the French have beaten us again.  First it was first with Pomme Frites (French Fries), now with AR.  The apple store can be so random at times.   Well, since I’m in the SF Bay Area, I cannot test this out myself, but it looks cool.  According to Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb) French app development shop… Read More

This is kinda neat.  I did not try ‘TestRides‘ (by Wildlab) myself, but I like the idea.   Basically, you take a picture of yourself, select key body points to provide an overall measurement set, and then calculate and display the best bike size for your body.  Sweet!  For people who do not do a lot… Read More

So now we can get Qik from the Apple store, BUT no live streaming.  Piff..  However, Qik does have two cool features; it will upload the video automatically when you have stopped filming, and it will Geo tag that video.  Nice eh?  So its not live steaming, but if you are shooting is short bursts,… Read More

I like Scrabble even though I’m not very good at it.  However, I have a few friends that are just NUTS for the game.  So when this press release came in my email today I thought I would share it out. 🙂   Oh, and wonder why they cannot call it ‘Scrabble”  Trademarked my friend!… Read More

I wrote an article for iphoneLife looking at a sampling of twitter applications for the iphone. The idea of the article was not to exhaustively compare and rate them because that is a losing battle.  Everyone uses twitter differently and as such, what is a great app for some people, is overkill for others.  So… Read More

They said yesterday that they would put it on Cydia and last night, ‘poof’ it appeared.  I downloaded the app and it seems to work fine so far.  So go get it already! Do not know what I’m talking about?  Well Google Voice was submitted to the Apple Store, which was personally approved last April… Read More

It might be. I just noticed today that when I go to maps I get a pop up for my location that allows me to share it out via email. I’m sure this is part of 3.0 and why I have noticed it till now I have no idea. If it IS new, then I’m… Read More

I’m not a big ‘pimping’ kind of guy when it comes to my iphone.  In fact, I tend to keep as many thing off it as I can in order to increase speed (I’m the same with my desktop/laptops). However, when I saw ‘Supreme Preferences’ in Cydia last night, I thought I would give it… Read More

This did not take long did it?  But the funny thing is that it did not come from the Dev-team, but instead instead from George Hotz. Now this is windows only (sorry mac people) but I’m sure it will be ported soon enough.  Now remember this is 3.0, so if you are running the 3.1… Read More

Guest post by Kevin Rochowski – @thunderberry Despite it’s enormous popularity, Twitter has no official iPhone app of its own. Developers, seeking to plug this gap, have taken up the challenge to make their own, ensuring that there is no lack of native clients to choose from. Today, we take two of the more popular… Read More

Guest post by @thunderberry –  Follow him! Evernote has long been the swiss army knife of universal capture. Running on Windows, Mac, the Web, multiple smartphone platforms and of course the iPhone, this hybrid of application and service has undergone multiple revisions in its goal to help you ‘Remember Everything”. Add or edit any note… Read More

I’m not going to go over everything, you can find that anywhere.. I’m instead going to look at a few things that I think are really interesting… HTML5 support!  Why is this so important?  HTML5 is like having flash lite without the plug-in!  (I still wish I had flash though).  But take a look at… Read More