mobilenoter menuI’ve been waiting for this!!  Yes, as a hard core Microsoft OneNote user (remember, I’m all about tablets) I have been wishing there was a way to view my OneNote files on the iphone.  Although still in Alpha, and believe me, as a tester it’s in Alpha, we finally have it.  But wait! there’s more.. The aim is to allow the user to edit text too.  This is fantastic.  If you remember my post about wishing I could sync google docs with the iphone so that I could edit text on the go, the only solution I could find was Evernote. And Evernote is a good program. Further review of Evernote here.  And if I did not have OneNote, I would be all over it.  But now I can have my cake and eat it too.  MobileNoter, in version0.4 as of this writing provides the ability to choose which books to sync from your PC to your iPhone, the ability to select tabs and pages, and soon, the ability to edit those pages.  Right now, I can only edit a text field if I create that page on the iphone first but that is still useful.  The only thing is it does not seem to respect tab nesting, but I’m sure they will get to it at some point.

Now this is not available to the public yet, but I will keep everyone updated as I test and as soon as it hits the Apple Store, I will post up.  I’ll tweet it first most likely.  @perivision.

Now what I would REALLY like, is a web view of what I see on the iphone. I have computers at the office and at home, but not all my machines have OneNote on them. (Not part of the standard office install).  Hint hint!  🙂

{Update; I have not doubled checked, but we have a price on the service now..  MobileNoter requires an ongoing service fee of $1.25/month ($15/year) for synchronization. }

…and now, some screenshots.

mobilebnote 2 mobilebnote 1 mobilebnote 3

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