As I’ve said before, I do not like iTunes, so I have been waiting for a good replacement. I REALLY hate that I cannot make changes to my playlist unless I’m connect to the ONE machine that has my playlist. Bollocks! There have been many I’ve played with, but I knew about Spotify (a Swedish music streaming service) being dev’ed and have been really excited waiting for it!  And I will have to keep waiting!!  They released it in Europe first!  What?  Here is a quote I got from Epicenter …

Spotify is currently only available in Europe but the company plans to roll out in America by the end of the year. To do so, it must first sign deals with copyright holders, but founder Daniel Eks said he “feels very comfortable [about that], in that the labels want to see Spotify in the U.S.”

So I have to wait…  I really thought this would have been available through jailbreak at some point, but I guess if you ever plan to get the Apple seal of approval, you have to avoid jailbreaking.. Ah well.  I guess I keep waiting.  That or get a hacked version and install it myself..  Hmm…  would have to spoof my IP …  Hmm….  Has anyone is the US got it to work?

For now, enjoy the video and dream.

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