I really hate that itunes launches every-time I connect my iphone or ipad.  At first I thought it would be an easy fix, simply uncheck iTunes Summary “Automatically sync [this device] when connected”.  Right?  #FAIL  Yes the iphone will not autosync, but iTunes will still launch!  What is the fix? Turn on the setting ‘Allowing… Read More

I do not like iTunes.  Never did.  When I first got the iphone, I would avoid sync as much as possible because of the long sync times.  After while, and with iTunes8, things got better.  It would not lock up, and I would have a full sync in around 2-3 min.  I can live with… Read More

I had my hopes, but it was a longshot.  Nothing about sync’ing itunes to multiple computers, which means we still have to use the hack methods.  Sigh. Do note; if you are unlocked, do NOT upgrade to 3.1 till the untrasn0w and redsn0w are ready. I’ll update this post as needed in case a later… Read More

TouchCopy ( a paid app) has been around for awhile and its lived up to my expectations. Unlike DiskAid, (review here) which provides only rudimentary file access, or Files Lite (review here) which sandboxes access to the file system, TouchCopy gives a bit more control and a far more user friendly experience. The only downside… Read More

There are a number of posts out there saying that jailbreak or pwn’ing does not work on the new macs. Well, its not the new Macs per say, but seems to be the new version of iTunes.  ..from iPhoneOverdose The problem is that the Mac does not recognize the iPhone when it restarts on how DOMs,… Read More

Sweettt.  Can’t wait for this. I would have to say my main complaint for playing music on the iPhone is having to type in a password just to advance a song.  Well, looks like we have an app on the way to take care of that issue. I also do not care for itunes, freedom!!… Read More

Gezz.  I was taking a causal  look at community feeder and found this article… iTunes 8.0 iPhone Jailbreak Detection Thwarted from iphoneFAQ web site. Basically, what they are trying to do is force a compromised sync (perhaps sync lock in the future?) if jailbreak is detected. Give me a break. I’m soooo grateful that I almost… Read More