I’m not going to go over everything, you can find that anywhere.. I’m instead going to look at a few things that I think are really interesting…

HTML5 support!  Why is this so important?  HTML5 is like having flash lite without the plug-in!  (I still wish I had flash though).  But take a look at some of these demos..




As a developer, this opens up all kinds of possibilities to create a rich experience without having to code in CoCo and go through the app store.  As 3.0 gets out there, and dev’s feel that there are enough users to make it worth it, you will see more ‘web’ based applications on the iphone then ever. From the rumor mill, you will be able to access GPS, camera and accelerometers from the web app. Again, RUMOR!!

Video.  What did I say way back?? Apple has been holding video back because they want to keep it in their back pockets; either to partner and sell a video app or use it to sell the next version of the iphone. Well, today we know it was the second option. But I have to say, from what little I saw, they did a great job! I’m quite impressed with how rich the support for shooting and editing video is on the iphone; VGA at 30 fps, auto focus/white balance/auto exposure, in app scrolling, editing in the camera roll, share via MMS.. Its enough to make me think about getting the new iphone and deal with ATT for another 2 years.

Find my iPhone.  I have not lost my iPhone yet (knock on wood) but its something I fear.  I once misplaced my treo650 while in Portland and freaked. Fortuently, someone turned it in and I got it back 2 weeks later, so now I’m way more careful about my phone because of all the personal data in there. Well, not only can you ping your phone and get it to ring (and perhaps send back GPS location, but you can remote wipe it!  This is great… IF you have mobileMe.  Which I do not. And do not want! So its a tough call for me.

Other side notes if interst…

Shake to undo.  Kinda cute actually.

Tethering but not with ATT.  Ok, really?  So WHY would I stay with ATT?  Since I’m jailbroken, and its looks like jailbreak for 3.0 on the 3G (NOT the 3G(s) as the new phone is called) is stable, I may not worry about it. But I’m near the end of my contract, so we’ll see if I’m willing to go two more years without a keyboard on my phone.

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