Yup, the French have beaten us again.  First it was first with Pomme Frites (French Fries), now with AR.  The apple store can be so random at times.   Well, since I’m in the SF Bay Area, I cannot test this out myself, but it looks cool.  According to Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb)

French app development shop PresseLite appears to have the first Augmented Reality (AR) supporting iPhone app live in the iTunes store, though we don’t know how they did it. It’s called Metro Paris Subway, and while the app isn’t new, it released a new version last week that added an AR overlay that displays information about Paris businesses when you look at the city through your iPhone’s camera.

Check out the video though, very cool.  Cant wait to have something working here.  Funny thing though, there is an Andriod AR app relevant for the bay area, but I cannot seem to get it working.  Hrummph.

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