I just wrote about the first iphone AR app to show up, and now here is ANOTHER Android AR app.  This gives you traffic cams for Toronto. Not sure if there is one for San Francisco, but I’ll look into it. Im not sure how useful this app is, but its clear we are about to see a torrent of iPhone and Android Augmented Reality apps coming down the line.
From boygeniusreport.com

While the app name isn’t overly creative — Augmented Traffic Views — the application itself is fantastic. Built for the Android platform, Augmented Traffic Views combines a layer of AR above the device’s camera view with live traffic camera images and traffic data. Simply hold the Android handset up and the AR layer displays all available traffic camera points in the direction you’re looking. Tap one to see the most current available image taken by the cam. The app also packs some added features, such as an automated predictive tracking mode that will pop up traffic cam images ahead while you’re driving. Brilliant.

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