qikSo now we can get Qik from the Apple store, BUT no live streaming.  Piff..  However, Qik does have two cool features; it will upload the video automatically when you have stopped filming, and it will Geo tag that video.  Nice eh?  So its not live steaming, but if you are shooting is short bursts, its somewhat live yea?  If you remember my post on UStream, (the link in case you do not) they allow you to edit and join videos from your iphone which was bloody amazing!  So I would expect Qik will provide some sort of solution like this too at some point.

One other odd point though, you cannot upload your video unless you are in wifi mode.  Not sure why this limitation is there, but if you are jailbroken, you can fool the phone into thinking its in wifi even though you are in 3g or edge.  Although I would not use it edge for video..ever!  🙂

Get it here.. Qik


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