ustreamUStream release a new iphone app today that has the word ‘live’ in it, but its not live. I mean, yea when you shot it it was live.. but anyway.. So far Qik (using jailbreak) is the preferred way to do live broadcasting, but UStream does have an interesting offering.

Well, 2 actually, you can upload to various video sites; Ustream, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.  That pretty cool.  And HQ is coming soon (according to TechCrunch at least)

But what really caught my interest, as pointed out in MG Siegler‘s article, is being able to remotely grab video updated to UStream and edit!!  This is BETTER then live casting.  You could have 1 person walking around the room doing lots of little 2 min clips, and another person constantly grabbing those little clips and updating one clip to a site.  So not live per se; but a way to create and grow a video stream in near real time AND edit as you go!

Now, if UStream could make that process a bit smoother.. we may have something really valuable for filmmakers in the trenches.

Read the article here.

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