I use Stitcher anytime I’m on a long drive.  Normally between SF and Sacramento. What I like about Stitcher is the number of offerings, but mostly because its the only place I can get BBC radio, short of downloading a podcast, which I will not do. So today I got a press release saying they have added location awareness, premium content, and an alarm clock. (huh?)  That is pretty useful if you are driving or flying to new areas and what quick local flavor discovery. I’m already set in my ways for how I use it, but its still a cool update.

Here are a few excerpts from the press release..

San Francisco, October 1, 2009 – Stitcher, … released version 2.3 of its iPhone app this week …. the new version include Premium Shows, alarm-clock capabilities, and location-based content.

“We tried to find shows from the five biggest cities in each state,” said Matty Staudt, Stitcher’s content director. “There are a lot of great local shows people don’t know about, and now the Stitcher app is a great way to find them.”

Stitcher also now authenticates online subscription information for eight Premium Shows, allowing listeners even greater access to premium content.  Subscribers can now listen to complete episodes of their favorite premium shows from their iPhone.  …

“Stitcher fans have long wanted an alarm-clock feature so they can wake up to their favorite audio shows – we made that vision a reality with 2.3. …

BTW, all you 8800 and 8820 users out there, its supported. 🙂


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