With more and more non young people getting on the iphone, I guess it was just a matter of time before some decided to put a collection of older radio shows together for the older iphone users, and those who still recognize the brilliance of some of those old shows. The app is called Vintage… Read More

Getting tired of this. I love listening to KCBS radio, despite the far too numerous commercials (and a few commercials that are so bad I actually turn off the sound). So now I’m trying to Tunein Radio to see if its more stable. Also, as a startup app dev team, perhaps they will provide one… Read More

I use Stitcher anytime I’m on a long drive.  Normally between SF and Sacramento. What I like about Stitcher is the number of offerings, but mostly because its the only place I can get BBC radio, short of downloading a podcast, which I will not do. So today I got a press release saying they… Read More

I have been a iphone radio user since AOL radio first came out.  I tend to use the digital radio just as often as I use the iPod feature. Missing however was public radio from AOL.  Well, that has been sorted.  Now, NPR Mobile has been out for a bit, but it lacked live streaming.… Read More

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a news junkie.  I watch or listen to WAY more news then I should, but the news and especially politics is like a soap opera that you know is somewhat trashy, you just cant stop following. 🙂 Anyway, when I drive, I normally listen to a 24hr AM news station.  Unfortunately, AM… Read More