Getting tired of this. I love listening to KCBS radio, despite the far too numerous commercials (and a few commercials that are so bad I actually turn off the sound). So now I’m trying to Tunein Radio to see if its more stable. Also, as a startup app dev team, perhaps they will provide one VERY important feature that so far only Pandora seems to provide; and that is playing music (or news) right as you open the app.
Two reasons I want this. First, I want to simply open the app, put my iphone in my pocket and move on. I do NOT want to have to wait for the bleep’in splash screen and then click on my station and then click play. Tell me what real life radio works like this? NONE!
Second, I have jailbroken my iphone so that I can use voice commands to open any app. So how great would it be to be listening to the iPod, stop the music and then start up the radio without every having to look at the phone. Great when walking or biking!

So far Tunein comes pretty close to what I want.  I have the app linked up to the voice command ‘play radio’.  It loads up.  I want a few secs then press the play button on my headset and we are good to go!  MAN why did I wait so long to dump this crap app?  ‘Course, I just started using it, so hopefully I will not be disappointed.  And yes, I plan on updating some old posts of mine where I recommend the AOL/ app.  Course back then, that was the only good option.


I have been using this and stitcher pretty much every day now and there is a slight bug..  Seems that when you jump towers on Verizon, the player will get out of sinc and either play a second, jump back, place 3 sec, jump back a sec, play 3 sec. etc…  Or it will play 2 or 3 streams at the same time.  Hopefully they will sort this out.  No idea if this is going on with AT&T.