pandora_2xtap-controlThis is great. I use Pandora as my radio when I drive for my radio music exclusively. I have another app for BBC and NPR, but music… pandora. I do not even remember the last time I listen to the radio for music. Funny thing though, the radio stations in the Bay area stink for music, but thats another post.
So via Cydia, I came across this program that plays pandora in the background which is great if you use google maps as I do at times when I drive. I even pulled these two images via wifi using ‘Discover‘ while pandora was playing! Sweetness.  You can also access quick controls just like the ipod by 2x clicking the home button.  Coolness.
And of couse, I tested to see what happens when I have both pandora and ipod running at the same time, the ipod kills the pandora thread. Its good, but it would have been funny to hear both playing at the same time. 🙂

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