This just came out today.  Its pretty fun.  You can edit a photo, crop, apply a filter, etc..  Pretty cool really. You can do the basics that you would expect: cropping, changing exposure, convert to black and white, change contrast.  There are some basic filters too; sketching, blurring, image border, I like the rainbow filter, and the pop filter. Best, you can rotate too as well as crop.  Did I say cropping twice? I did because that is pretty important to me. 🙂

You can also upload your images to (2 gig limit) and then share / email them out from there.

Now what will be interesting is the idea that they ‘could’ add more filters if they wanted. Right now the UI does not seem to support that, but that would be an easy fix.  Just allow the top panel to slide to expose more filters.  Next thing I would LOVE to see?  The ability to add text over the image.

Its a free app and very easy to get.  Just go to on your iphone and there is button waiting for you.

.. and now;  to the images!

photoshop1 photoshop2 photoshop3

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