Oracle has a new iphone app that looks ok.  In the promotional animation, a business man is flying to Paris, France to give a presentation. Great.  Often, and I can attest to this, you have to use cash for things because your card is not always accepted. So, this application called ‘iReceipts’ seems like any expense tracking app you would expect to see on the iphone, nothing special but good enough.  But the promotion animation is horrible for something from Oracle.  Not only do they spend too long setting up the premise, something was wonkie on the screen capture on the iphone. It WASNT one.  It was an animation mock up trying to look like it was running on the iphone.  Gezz…

Now if this was some small little startup or something, sure, I can understand and even give credit for doing something ‘cute’… But Oracle??  Really?  Well, check it out for yourself. As for a review of the app, well, perhaps someone can chime in here who has tried this app or other receipt tracking applications.

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