My how things have changed.  I just got a tweet from Andrew Stone that his app Twittelator got approved in 7 hours!!  Wow, a new record.  Well, ok, perhaps not a gold metal type new record, but that is still pretty fast. So the question is; how?

Well lets think about it.  What if Apple has a rule that says anytime a preexisting well know app get an update, it put on the fast track.  New or lessor known app are on the slower track.  And there could be more then two tracks.  Then that would make sense wouldn’t it?  And further, what if Apple keeps a copy of your source code and simple does a code compare and only looks at the newer code?  Well, that would go even faster wouldn’t it?

Now is the actually, how they are doing things? I have no idea.  But to get approved in 7 hours, it would have to be.

.. and that is a good thing.  The idea of having to wait a few weeks for a simple update; as happened during the first twitter apocalypse definatly pointed out a weekness in the apple store approval process.

So Kudos to you Apple for improving.  I know I like to bash you quite often, but I have to call Win a Win.

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