My first coded pebble app.  I’m using Pebbles new beta javascript system, so even though it was very easy to code, there does seem to be an issue when hitting the ‘select’ button to go from story to story.  Hopefully this will get better. For iOS users.  Right now you cannot download from the Apple… Read More

I have this website called  Simple enough.  I get various twitter feeds from various news agencies and then remove the duplicates.  So now I want to read the news on my Pebble watch.  Since I cannot code in C, I had to improvise.  In comes Tasker.  I listed Tasker in my Top 10 Pebble… Read More

Ah, we were warned and warned.  Yesterday, or the day before, twitter API 1.0 was finally turned off.  Already seeing the confused posts asking for help.  No easy answer I’m afraid.  You can read more here. I have two apps that died, TwittFilter and NewsSnacker.  TwittFilter is a pretty large and dense program, so… Read More

As so it is; Twitter will now censor tweets based on censorship laws of the country the user is in. Now before you think this is only bad news for those people who live in repressive resigned, keep in mind there was a proposal by Joe Lieberman to have Twitter delete the accounts in order… Read More

At first when I read this, I thought; ‘an auto reply for twitter and facebook?  NOooooo!’  My worse thoughts was some putting an auto reply that they are eating a sandwich and will be back online in ah hour.  Really?  You are so locked into your SocMed addition that you have to let people know… Read More

Love this.  The new Duke Nukem FPS game came out a while back and the reviews are now coming in.  And they are not good.  In fact, most people who reviews the game have basically trashed it.  Fair enough.. That happens, especially with a title that has so much history.  If you remember, 3D Realms… Read More

This is so funny!  Posted on, a collection of really funny Peanut cartoons with tweets instead of the original content. The site is called Peanutweeter. (looks like the site is no more) Although not each is a home run, the LOL ration is pretty high. I grabbed a few I like as an example.… Read More

Seems is having some issues today.  First it was showing odd returns on the timelines, sometimes seeing other tweets the I know I do not follow.  Then it the #newTwitter was deprecated to the old  Then they went down all together.  Still down as of this writing.  However, when I go to twittFilter,… Read More

Just came out today. Although you could always insert a tweet into wordpress using blackbird, a new widget / service from twitter just came out the provides a rich Twitter interactive widget. Nice. From Twitter : To see Web Intents in action, check out’s great tool for quoting Tweets in blog posts: Twitter Blackbird… Read More

Wow.  The Sendai earthquake and tsunami happened yesterday and already a wiki page has been created and VERY well populated and referenced. Last night when the quake happened it was all over Twitter, as is expected now a days. In fact, I knew about the tsunami warning for California (through Twitter) long before it got… Read More

This just came down 10 days ago and slipped by my notice.  The basic update here is the reason you cannot create a white list application on Twitter is because they are not accepting any new applications.  Instead they are going to limit all apps to 350 API calls an hour.  Thats still quite a… Read More

Just read this in TechCrunch.  I have been reading on the various ways people in Egypt have been trying to get information out.  Google has released a service that will allow you to call a phone number, leave a message and that will turn into a Tweet.  I have not tried this myself so I… Read More

Last month I blogged and shot a video showing off a Black Eyed Peas augmented reality app I made using Metaio’s Junaio platform. At the time, I was surprised that Metaio didn’t share or retweet with their community this app I made as they usually do with work that others do with their platform and… Read More

Rockmelt crashed the first time I launched the browser, which is always a bad way to start with a new program. I opened up the two webmail systems that I use and another tab in the same window for browsing. I sign in to Twitter three times and get the ever spinning circle. The Facebook integration is better, it is fairly robust, meaning I saw status messages.… Read More

I saw this on Gizmodo.  Uffa. Its using TweetDeck and pulling 8 columns of streaming Twitter goodness.  Caution, this will SOOO make your head swing.  I recommend playing rage against the machine in background when you watch this. Video is below..… Read More