At first when I read this, I thought; ‘an auto reply for twitter and facebook?  NOooooo!’  My worse thoughts was some putting an auto reply that they are eating a sandwich and will be back online in ah hour.  Really?  You are so locked into your SocMed addition that you have to let people know when you cannot reply like an eager tween looking for validation?

Then I looked at the app on the iTunes dev store and though, well wait, there is a use case, be it rare. Say you are on vacation and plan on disconnecting for a week or so.  Then yea, I can see an auto reply “IF” its well controlled.   What concerns me is the possibility it will autoreply TOO much.  In other words, there is a conversation you started and suddenly you are auto replying to every new message thus spamming those that left messages before you.  Worse, if you auto reply to every mention in a tweet, that can get REALLY annoying.

Assuming these issues can be addressed, this is a pretty straight forward app.  Set and end data and time, then give it a label.  Done. Perhaps you go camping once a month, then you can simply update the preset.

I sent an email to the person who created this and I’m waiting for a reply.  I still think its a bit much to feel the need to autoreply twitter and facebook, but as long as there are strong controls to guard against spamming other people, this could be a useful app when traveling or just taking an extended break from SocMed every now and then … which I recommend.


For example, I would not want this auto responding to mentions in twitter.  I get a lot and do not need to respond.

The app auto responds to @mentions with direct messages. So, if Peter Thiel sends you an @mention, Peter will get a direct message in his inbox saying something like “I am away vacation, I will be back on Jul 20.”

And with Facebook.  I may make a comment and get 10 or 12 follow up comments.  The app should be smart enough to know NOT to respond to each new comment.

The goal of the application is to respond to each user who tries to contact you or make an update on your wall while you are on break. So if a user made a comment on your wall while you are on break, the app will update that user’s wall with a comment stating you are on break. This is important since the user did not know you were on break and perhaps was expecting a follow-up from you—this is the essence of the app, to reply everyone who tries to reach you, rather than ignore him or her with silence.
Btw, you can also turn off the auto replies. In the next version, we may add individual options to select which notifications you want to auto reply to; you will be able to choose to auto reply to messages but not @mentions, or to wall updates but not comments, for example.
Depending on the feedback from users, we will make some adjustments in short time and add some new features as necessary. First, though, we are looking forward to some press coverage so users can find out the app exists and start using it.
I’m not fully sure this this address exactly what I’m concerned about, so I think the only way to know is to give it a shot.  If everyone get spammed with away messages… sorry.


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