My first coded pebble app.  I’m using Pebbles new beta javascript system, so even though it was very easy to code, there does seem to be an issue when hitting the ‘select’ button to go from story to story.  Hopefully this will get better. For iOS users.  Right now you cannot download from the Apple… Read More

I have this website called  Simple enough.  I get various twitter feeds from various news agencies and then remove the duplicates.  So now I want to read the news on my Pebble watch.  Since I cannot code in C, I had to improvise.  In comes Tasker.  I listed Tasker in my Top 10 Pebble… Read More

Ah, we were warned and warned.  Yesterday, or the day before, twitter API 1.0 was finally turned off.  Already seeing the confused posts asking for help.  No easy answer I’m afraid.  You can read more here. I have two apps that died, TwittFilter and NewsSnacker.  TwittFilter is a pretty large and dense program, so… Read More

Man, am I late to the party on this one, but better late then never. First, the link to install rage face emoticons in Chrome for Now you can use your favorite memes on sites like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Google+, Reddit, FunnyJunk, EbaumsWorld, and Memebase! This extension does have its limit, if the person who… Read More

At first when I read this, I thought; ‘an auto reply for twitter and facebook?  NOooooo!’  My worse thoughts was some putting an auto reply that they are eating a sandwich and will be back online in ah hour.  Really?  You are so locked into your SocMed addition that you have to let people know… Read More

Just came out today. Although you could always insert a tweet into wordpress using blackbird, a new widget / service from twitter just came out the provides a rich Twitter interactive widget. Nice. From Twitter : To see Web Intents in action, check out’s great tool for quoting Tweets in blog posts: Twitter Blackbird… Read More

This just came down 10 days ago and slipped by my notice.  The basic update here is the reason you cannot create a white list application on Twitter is because they are not accepting any new applications.  Instead they are going to limit all apps to 350 API calls an hour.  Thats still quite a… Read More

Yup, death of basic auth for twitter part 2.  If you remember, we were going to have basic auth killed in favor of OAuth back in June, and they decided we (they) we not ready.  Fair enough, plus the world cup really put some strain on twitter.  So now we have til the 16th of… Read More

{UPDATE} Well, seem with all the issues Twitter has been  having lately they have pushed this back a month, perhaps 2.  But dont get lacks, its going to happen, so you may as well get on it now. The end time are nigh.  Yes, for all of us first gen Twitter App dev’s our old… Read More

I like Tweetie.  I wrote an article for iphonelife on iphone twitter apps (it not out yet, but here is a short version) and of all the apps I tried, I used tweetie the most when I’m not using twittFilter. (twittFilter is a web app and my fave given that I wrote it).  So Gizmodo,… Read More

If you can beat them. Eat them!  That’s right, Facebook is going after Twitter full force now.  Seem that you can now not only update your twitter account from facebook, but all kinds of controls on how its done. From there blog.. “If you manage a Facebook Page, you now will be able to decide… Read More

The story already broke a number of hours ago, but still for anyone who does Twitter dev, this is pretty big news. Basically, anyone who builds a twitter client has retweet as a feature.  Basically all we do populate the send field with the selected message prepend with a “RT”. Now (not all) clients use… Read More

I wrote an article for iphoneLife looking at a sampling of twitter applications for the iphone. The idea of the article was not to exhaustively compare and rate them because that is a losing battle.  Everyone uses twitter differently and as such, what is a great app for some people, is overkill for others.  So… Read More

I ran out of business cards a few months back and never bothered to get more. As such, I find myself in a spot when people ask for my card.  Normally I take theirs and intend to email them when I get home. However, as with business cards since as far back as I can… Read More

Guest post by Kevin Rochowski – @thunderberry Despite it’s enormous popularity, Twitter has no official iPhone app of its own. Developers, seeking to plug this gap, have taken up the challenge to make their own, ensuring that there is no lack of native clients to choose from. Today, we take two of the more popular… Read More