newsSnacker screenshotMy first coded pebble app.  I’m using Pebbles new beta javascript system, so even though it was very easy to code, there does seem to be an issue when hitting the ‘select’ button to go from story to story.  Hopefully this will get better.

For iOS users.  Right now you cannot download from the Apple store until they do the next javascript update.  If you want it now, set your phone to ‘developer mode‘ and then download the file.  Download NewsSnacker here.

Update 1:  The link finally showed up in the App store.  However, if you search NewsSnacker, it will not find it, but if you search twitter + news it finds it!  Odd eh?

Future plans:

  • Currently I have 5 news sources; however I may add a few more.
  • Offer custom twitter lists for $1.99 a year.  Basically you tell me what you want to see and I’ll code it up.
  • Tap on your watch and get the first ~300 words of the story. Expand to ~900 later.
  • Click ‘save to read later’.  Not sure how I will go about this yet.
  • Thoughts????  Open to suggestions.


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