begin rant <rant>

If you have been trying to order the new iphone 4, I’m sure you have been frustrated with the errors messages you have been getting back from AT&T.

“There was a problem with your request,” the error message reads. “P1015: We’re sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request….

Which begs the question, is there REALLY that much demand, that Apple and AT&T just cannot keep up?  The first reports I say coming over Twitter, when twitter was up, seemed to point to insane demand.  Then as time when on, the arrow moved from ‘too much demand’ to ‘AT&T AGAIN was simply not prepared’.  Remember when the first iphone came out?  I do.  You could go to Apple and pick up a phone (when the lines went down) but its was anyone’s guess if you could get it to register with AT&T.

So here we are a few years later and STILL AT&T cannot seem to predict and deal with demand.  What is it with these guys???  They already have a reputation for dropping calls (mostly in area’s with difficult coverage and high demand usage), heck even John Stewart bangs on AT&T now. So the fact that again, failure is hanging on AT&T neck just propagates the reputation of AT&T not being able to support a network with high demand.


Now to be fair, the Twitter Fail Whale has been spotted more times the moby-dick on the last few days, so its not like AT&T is alone in this regard, but then again, I do not depend on Twitter for my phone calls.

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