I just read this on 9to5mac, so I still need to research this a bit more, but once I figure out how to install Siri on my iphone 4, I’m on it!  And will report back.  Now its pretty much a given you will need to be jailbroken to run this, and the first few… Read More

In order to have all possible iOS test devices for our small development company, Roving Screens, I went out on the first day the Verizon iPhone was available on February 10, 2011 to buy one. I wasn’t sure if I should expect long lines or being told the phones have sold out. I picked up… Read More

I will not be there; time crunch; but Many people will.  Here is a list of live blogging sources. Ars Technica Engadget CNET Techcrunch – cant find a link, but you KNOW they will be there There are other sources, but I just grabbed these quickly.  I do not think there is much news left… Read More

Crazy.  You can now jailbreak and UNLOCK iOS4  for the iphone4 ipad from the web browser.  Now this is not new news per say, but there have been some issues with the current jailbreak in that some people have been experiencing problems with MMS and Facetime. As I always advise my readers, NEVER jailbreak right… Read More

So there you go.  The easy answer which we all know at least a week after this whole thing started to blow up and been put in place.  OF course, that is after a good 1/2 hour of explaining ‘its not just us!  Its all phones!’ Wrong, your missing the point Steve, Its about the… Read More

ONE DAY people!  Yes, even before the iphone 4 or known as iOS4 hits the market, its already jailbroken using a Pwnage Tool Bundle.  Wow.  And hoo dunnit?  msft.guy Yup, the same guy who did the blacksn0w, ultrasn0w fix for jailbreak and baseband unlock for 3.1.3.  He ALSO did the oS4 Beta jailbreak.  Now, we… Read More