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So over the last 24-48 hours we have been hearing reports on various iphone 4 issues as well some horror stories around updating phone 3g(s) to iOS4. All good and fine, bugs happen.  But my BIG hope, was that the new antenna design would finally take care of all the dropped calls we have been getting with AT&T.  Or reduce them at least.

Seems like it may be neither based on what I have heard so far… based on how you hold the phone.

In general, the antenna is bigger and on the outside of the phone.  So right off you would think that reception would be better, and thus fewer dropped calls unless holding your hard around the antenna causes issues, which I wrote about a few days back on my post called ‘Will the iphone 4 with the new antenna layout reduce dropped calls?’ and its seems my concerns around attenuation have been confirmed with this video that went out yesterday.  (video at the bottom of the post)

Now here is the fun part.  Steve Jobs answered back an email on this subject and he’s replay was basically, do  not hold it in a way to reduces reception or put it in a case.  Sigh.  Great.  So I have to wonder… did anyone TEST for this? 

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