I will not be there; time crunch; but Many people will.  Here is a list of live blogging sources.

Ars Technica



Techcrunch – cant find a link, but you KNOW they will be there

There are other sources, but I just grabbed these quickly.  I do not think there is much news left to know except two things….

Pricing: I’m sure Verizon has something up their sleeves to make people like me jump from AT&T.  Something interesting I read is that included in the $30 a month for data is 5g of ‘tethered’ data.  Now if that is true, I’m there.

CDMA or G4?  Right now we are all thinking its going to be CDMA which is a bit slower then AT&T’s network, but much faster then NO network.  But if its going on the new 4G network, then all bets are off…. except I most likely rush out to get it depending on a few jailbreak questions on how data is exposed to the iOS.

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