This just popped into my email.  I’ll follow up on it in a bit.. From Robby Stanley Just a quick news release. We just completed an extensive Verizon iPhone 4 Teardown and Screen Replacement Video on Youtube. This will show people the step by step directions it will take in order to replace their screen… Read More

In order to have all possible iOS test devices for our small development company, Roving Screens, I went out on the first day the Verizon iPhone was available on February 10, 2011 to buy one. I wasn’t sure if I should expect long lines or being told the phones have sold out. I picked up… Read More

I got my phone today.  There was not much of a line ( I had mine pre arraigned so I did not wait in line; although I did have to wait). If you want to get a phone, odds are you will be able to find one.  You may not find it at the first… Read More

The site is still down but from what I’ve heard so far, the jailbreak seems to be pretty solid. At the moment, both the greenpois0n website and Cydia’s servers are getting crushed, but it should be back up tomorrow at the latest. There has been a jailbreak for 4.2.1 using RedSn0w, but its kind of a… Read More

That was fast!!   I have been trying to get into the site since 2:30pm pst and it was failing.  Now I get a screen saying they have sold out on the pre-order?  WTH??  Sold out THIS fast?  That makes NOOOO sense.  I have a feeling something is up but not sure.  However, given that the… Read More

Sigh.  I was going to do this last night and got sidetracked with server issues and then sleep. So I decided to try and order my iPhone from Verizon now and guess what?  Server overload. I guess that is to be expected.  Can’t wait to see how many orders they had in 1 day. Update: … Read More

So if you are already a Verizon customer and what to finally see what all this iPhone fuss is about, you can go online at and sigh up. But wait, I’m NOT a Verizon customer…  I have to wait a WHOLE 7 DAYS before I can order?  Really?  You have that little patience.  Well… Read More

Remember my post a week back or so when I said I had this idea that if I signed up for a Verizon plan, ANY Verizon plan, I should be able to order the iphone 4 early since I’m a Verizon customer.  Seems I was right because yesterday I got a call asking if I… Read More

AT&T knows they have a coverage problem, know they can solve it; yet still are going to the solution kicking and screaming. If you remember, you could get a micro cell tower for $199 (used to be $150 ($20 a month more for unlimited) that uses YOUR internet connection to solve a AT&T issue.  Via… Read More

I have no proof of this but it should work…   You can go to the Verizon store right now and by a cheap clam shell phone for $30 that has $10 of service on it.  Now why would I do that? In general Verizon is considered to have the best coverage of all the networks… Read More

Updates on the iphone 4 for Verizon as I get them.. “It has all the features you’d expect. Like Facetime. Like the Retina Display” All the same specs so far; 5 megapixel camera, HD video recording, A4 chip customer service delivery has been scaled up.. they plan to see a lot quickly.. Feb 3, existing… Read More

I will not be there; time crunch; but Many people will.  Here is a list of live blogging sources. Ars Technica Engadget CNET Techcrunch – cant find a link, but you KNOW they will be there There are other sources, but I just grabbed these quickly.  I do not think there is much news left… Read More

Just saw this on Venturebeat. Seem the rumor mill is putting the release of the Verizon iphone at Feb3.  Makes sense.  Supporting the rumor is the fact that Apple has blacked out vacation days between the 3rd and 6th and that Verizon normally launches on a Thursday. Also, I have not heard anything making me… Read More

Begin rumor control… Just read this USAToday… Verizon (VZ) and Apple (AAPL) are discussing the possible development of an iPhone for Verizon, with the goal of introducing it next year, people familiar with the situation say. Really?  Wow.  And the buzz I was hearing the last few days with that Apple was quite happy with… Read More