Over the last 2 weeks I have noticed that my iphone was working slightly better in my office here SOMA in San Francisco, the home of cell phone purgatory. But not good enough.

And of course, I still get dropped calls in Oakland and in Palo Alto.  So now what?  Well, I already decided that at the end of Spring that if AT&T’s service does not get better, I would switch to the Verizon iPhone…. HOWEVER!!  There may not even BE a Verizon much less T-Mobile iPhone till 2012!

Seems there has been quite a bit of talk about Apple having to let out the details on its exclusive relationship with AT&T till 2012. Sorry, I’m not willing to put up with dropped calls and 3G only 75% of the time. Further, we have reports that Verizon and Google are working on a tablet that will run Android as its operating system.  Yes, Apple won the first battle of the Great Tablet War, but the war is not over yet.

So now what?

ANDROID TIME!   Yes I’m going to pay Verizon a visit and see what my options are.  I’ll keep my iPhone and continues to use it via wifi, so I will still be able to keep up with changes, cool new jailbreak apps and anything else fun and interesting.

So what phone will I get?  I don’t know yet… but you all can look forward to a number of posts as I start my research.

BTW, I’m still planning on buying a iPad for my parents, so its a full divorce Apple.  I still love you.  X0X0X

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