Last night on ‘the daily show’ John Stewart did a bit on how happy he is that Verizon finally announced support for the iPhone.  BTW john, your traffic speed will be almost 40% slower, so get ready… But, he will at least be able to get phone calls.   Now from what I’ve heard, New Yorks… Read More

UPDATE 2!! It’s gone again!!  I’m guessing the same reason. Hopefully it will be up in a few hours. UPDATE!!! They pulled it from the store because of a DNS attack.  I just went back into the store and its back.  If this is something you can see using, I recommend jumping on it now.… Read More

{Update:  Iphones are on sale again in NY.  WTF? My guess is they are going to say it was to fight fraud, but still, whomever manages AT&T command and control as far as messaging withing the company should be put on notice..  And if they change the story again? Then Fire them. } Are you… Read More

Like I’m surprised here.  Over 90% of people surveyed like their iphone, 1/3 dislike AT&T.  I already decided to give t-mobile on my HTC a try once I get my trail account up and running, which is another story.  But read this from computer world.. “the latest ChangeWave survey, which polled nearly 200 owners of… Read More