Like I’m surprised here.  Over 90% of people surveyed like their iphone, 1/3 dislike AT&T.  I already decided to give t-mobile on my HTC a try once I get my trail account up and running, which is another story.  But read this from computer world..

“the latest ChangeWave survey, which polled nearly 200 owners of Apple’s newest iPhone model, the 3GS, showed a “near-perfect satisfaction rating” for the product. More than eight of every ten iPhone 3GS owners said they were “very satisfied” with the smartphone, while another 17% said they were “somewhat satisfied.”  …

“When asked to name their top dislikes about the iPhone, 32% named iPhone lock-in with AT&T, while 23% pegged AT&T’s calling and data coverage, service quality and service speed.”

Clearly I’m not alone here; and I have been ringing the bell on this since the 3.0 update.  I know AT&T are working on updating the system, but its gotten so bad here SOMA in SF, that I’m taking a break from them for awhile.  If T-Mobile is better, then I may just have to unlock my iphone so I can actually use it as a phone!

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