android iphone war

Seriously?!! Apple is already planning on making a new iPhone? If the iPhone5 what such a crash and burn (as alot of people think), shouldn’t they be taking a a little time to improve on some of the features that the iPhones are lacking? Android OS has quite a few things that put them ahead of Apples iOS as it already stands. Not only on their operating system, but on their devices as well.

If Apple would take the time to add these few features to their devices, they might be able to kill the age old mobile question…  iPhone or Android?

  1.  Widgets- All android devices have those helpful widgets for most apps ready to roll as soon as you install then. (Facebook, Twitter..) They may not be everyones best friend at first.  But when your app drawer is vast and your home screen already has an ungodly amount off icons on it, it is nice to just move over to the next home screen and there it is.  Instead of searching through the app drawer for it. Where as, on the iPhones ALL homescreens ARE app drawers and thats it.
  2. APPS- When you get your Android it comes with the google play store. (your app store) And when you get your iPhone you have the APP Store. Nice and simple way to get your apps on both devices.  But what if you want an app that is not in the store? Or maybe you just didnt find what you where looking for?  Well with iPhones thats it. Sorry!!! (unless you want to jailbreak and void your devices warranty. But thats a topic for another day)  On Androids, if the google play store dosent have the app you are looking for, you can just go and download a 3rd party app store. (i.e. aptoide, and the list goes on) And you will eventually find what you are searching for, without running the risk of “upsetting” the manufacturer.
  3. Storage(Micro SD)- Yes iPhones come in 8g, 16g, and 64g models. But what about if you want removeable or just simply, “more” storage?  No iPhones come with Micro SD card slots, as all Droids do.  They come in handy when you are a music nut and dont want to clog up your devices internal storage and slow it down.  You can simply just store it on the removable disk.  And say your at a friends house and they love the music, but you just dont have the usb cord.  Well, no worries just pop out the disk and there you go. Right on their computer.
  4. Batteries and battery life- We all know very well that the battery life on any smartphone, for lack of better word, sucks!  Unless you get app killer (iPhone), or Advanced app killer(android), to either time out unused apps or tap an icon to do so when you see fit.  But what about when your battery starts to bite the dust? With an Android you can just pop it out the and buy a new one or have insurance send you a new one. On iPhones your outta luck. Built in batteries? Great idea when you want people to just buy a whole new phone. But who has 3-500 to shell out like that? I know i dont.
  5. Screen size- Androids screens seem to be growing with every new device that gets released. Right when we thought that 5″ screens were big they came out with The Note and then the Note II. iPhones? Not so much.  As the newer models were slowly released the screens got slightly larger. Great! But then the iPhone5 was released and we were promised this much larger screen. Only to be deceived with a longer and more narrower screen. Yay
  6. Keyboard and texting- The iPhones keypad is still the same and as basic as the day the original iPhone came out.  So i cant really say that they have changed it for the worse.  But when you look at how far the Android keyboard has come it blows apple outta the water.  When you look at how text savy people have become, you want to be able to “speed text”.  So now Androids are equipped with “Swipe” and other fast texting  methods.  And we cant forget about the good old  slide out keyboard that some people cant seem to ever get enough of.
  7. Emailing- Nowadays, everyone emails along with their texting. Weather it be for work, school, forums, whatever, its a must.  But for some reason Apple has figured that if your emailing from a phone, why need attachments?  Well thats a huge drawback for organizations who are looking for “company phones”.  If your on the go and need to view or forward a Powerpoint, Excel, or any kind of file attachment, you can only do so from a Droid. Sorry Apple.
  8. Universal Charging Ports- Apple had this right all the way up to the i5.  You could buy one charger for all your devices. From the iPhone to the ipod, to the iPad, you could use all the same chargers and hook them all up to your iHome dock and it was nice and simple. Android soon started following in suit. The difference between the two is that Androids stuck with it. The iPhone 5 was released a short time a go with a new “better” smaller pin connecter.  Sure its more convinient then the larger pin connector.  But what about all the cool stuff you had bought like your iHome dock? Well it looks like you gotta cough up some more money and go buy a connector for them. (Oh look! Apple sells those. Go figure)
  9. File exploring- When you want to poke around you devices files and copy Images and texts or files to your PC or laptop, your in luck! With an Android that is.  All you have to do is put it in sync mode plug it in and your golden.  Not so easy with an iPhone tho. On a normal stock iPhone you cannot do this.  The only way to do so is to, once again, Jailbreak your device, and install a device string app. All the while voiding your warranty.
  10. Processors- When you look at the original iPhone and compare its speed to the iPhone5 sure, it is insanely faster. But when you compare 3,4,to 5? Not a huge difference. But somehow Androids are being pumped out one after another with crazy processing speeds. You can grab a cheap “basic” Android such as the LG Viper 4G LTE and that has a dual core processor with 4g’s of ram. And if that isnt enough you can also Root you android device (much like iPhone jailbreaking as it voids the warranty) and download an overclocking app that will make it even faster. But beware if you overclock your device to much you will literally fry it.  Apple iPhones… it is what it is. And if you have to many apps, you WILL slow down.

With all of these things being said.  If Apple picked up even 3 of these things, the iPhone would be the end all be all of the smartphone world. And i would like to just say that even just putting in an SD slot would help out. Not only with the storage but the performance of the device. Ultimately, isnt that all we really want?

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