Remember my post a week back or so when I said I had this idea that if I signed up for a Verizon plan, ANY Verizon plan, I should be able to order the iphone 4 early since I’m a Verizon customer.  Seems I was right because yesterday I got a call asking if I want to order my phone.  Whatever remaining min on my prepaid plan, in this case just over $9 would go to my iphone plan. I was all set to do it too till I found out that a rumor proved to be false; and that is you will get 2G of data included for tethering.  Not so.

Instead you have to PAY $20 a month for tethering (hotspot) and if you go over 2G, you pay ANOTHER $20.  Sigh.  This is BS since I only need to tether once a month at best and then for just a few hours. So this begs the question that I brought up in my previous post.  Can we expect that a jailbroken Verizon iphone 4 will support PDANet just as well as the AT&T version will?  I may still pull the trigger on the 3rd and order the phone, but this little bit of news dampens my excitement a bit.  Perhaps I’ll ask this on Quora.

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