So there you go.  The easy answer which we all know at least a week after this whole thing started to blow up and been put in place.  OF course, that is after a good 1/2 hour of explaining ‘its not just us!  Its all phones!’

Wrong, your missing the point Steve,

Its about the caucus reply to the issue by saying your holding it wrong. If you were to admit right up front that this is a issue and we did not expect it to be that bad, and then offer a free case ‘to anyone that asked’ (not every phone owner) odds are this would have been a non issue and we would all go back to complaining about bluetooth.  But no.

Instead you said we were all holding the phone wrong.  That is what antennagate is really about. So now, you have to buy EVERYONE a new case.  (Cant keep Oprah voice out of my head).  If you would have said, yes that is an issue and anyone that asks can come into the Apple store and get a free case.  Odds are only 30% of the iphone owners would bother because either they did not have the issue or the standard bumper would not appeal.  Ah well.

So there you go kiddies. If you have a iphone4 you will either be sent a case or you can go into the Apple store and request a case of they cannot produce enough bumpers. Well know about the request part fairly soon. Also, if you bought a case, you will get a refund.

One more note, this is only going to happen up to Sept 30.  After that?  who knows.

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