ONE DAY people!  Yes, even before the iphone 4 or known as iOS4 hits the market, its already jailbroken using a Pwnage Tool Bundle.  Wow.  And hoo dunnit?  msft.guy Yup, the same guy who did the blacksn0w, ultrasn0w fix for jailbreak and baseband unlock for 3.1.3.  He ALSO did the oS4 Beta jailbreak.  Now, we have not heard anything about this working on the iPad, but it should since Apple is going with a single codebase for both products.

Now do not go a downloading yet.  They still need to streamline a few things and unless you found an iphone 4 in a bar somewhere, you do not have it anyway, so wait for the official release. You can find that here. Now of course, the normal warnings apply, when you jailbreak, you are taking your phones life in your own hands, so be careful and backup before doing ANYTHING.

So I have to ask myself something here.  Really, just how hard is Apple trying to keep this thing locked?  I once hypothesized that Apple was only trying just so hard to keep the OS locked down because some of the coolest features on the iphone (which is why I started the top 10 list in the first place) seem to come to the jailbreak phones first.  Remember video?  Yea, we had that LONG before the non jailbreakers.  Custom themes?  STILL only on jailbreak.

BTW, on a completely unrelated note, we just finished a silly comic on the rise, fall and rebirth of Apple.  Check it out.

Now, check out the Video below..

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