This is just a rant, but I know its true.  Now as a guy, most of the time I go to the restroom, larger ones, not the single user ones, its a pretty quick story.  I know for women its not the case, and still, we make men’s and women’s restrooms the same size.  That’s just wrong, but that is another story. What I have noticed over the last couple years is that the wait, on average, is taking longer and longer, and the reason for that is people are using their phones while on the can!  Now I’m guilty of this too, but I KNOW sitting there with a phone can take me longer so I try not to lose my sense of time.  But gezz, its really noticeable.  Now for women I HAVE to think its even worse.

So people, if you are one of those that busts out the phone PLEASE LEAVE once you finish your business.  There could be a line waiting for you.

That is all.

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