Well, they finally sold. About time too.  1.2 billion.  Although HP says its because of the ‘top in class’ OS, I would say the IP’s had more to do with it.

Still its done and now Palm had ended one life and begins another.  And given the stock jump, its off to a good start.

And what would really interesting in the ‘another’?  How about running the WebOS on the new HP slate?  I know its suppose to run windows7, (and I still think that is the best way to go) but perhaps a dual boot?  The only reason I say this is a slate with instant on, like the iPad, would make it a more interesting competitor to the iPad. And what about other devices?  We already know Apple is planning on putting its iPhone OS on other devices, and so is Google, but HP ‘makes’ lots of devices, so they have an advantage there.

Plus, the DO make phone yea know.  So can we see a ‘cheap’ smart phone on the horizon?  Perhaps.  But I know this, I really need to buy a palm pre to complete my collection. 🙂